Happy Landings to Bianca – Adoption followup.

Sallie had been looking for a large dog when she saw Bianca’s photo on social media. She knew instantly that she and Bob wanted to meet this gorgeous girl and it was love at first sight. Bianca is doing great in her new home. They are working on her leash training and she is making progress. Bianca enjoys seeing other dogs walking on leash in the the neighborhood and she has found herself a “boyfriend” down the street. Her new buddy waits when he sees Bianca in the distance and will not walk with his owner until Bianca has caught up to them. Bianca loves going to the groomer and getting pampered. She loves to hang out close by to her family all of the time and enjoys playing with Sallie and her favorite toy in the afternoon. At bedtime, she jumps up on Sallie and Bob’s bed, but this 100 lb. girl must know she is taking up a lot of space as she moves off shortly to the end of the bed and then to the floor for the rest of the night. A perfect match for Bianca and her wonderful family.