Frank R. Raniolo, Santa Cruz, CA
Has made a sponsorship donation towards Patches
In Loving Memory of Checkers

Stephen & Susan Barry, Sarasota, FL
In Loving Memory of Mike & Cheryl Durling’s beloved dog, Murphy

Jeff and Anna Heck, Sarasota, FL
In Honor of their dog, Dexter

Pamela Peplow, Sarasota, FL
In Honor of Harley
In Loving Memory of Cheyenne and Sushi

Cherie Gorenstein, Sarasota, FL
Cherie is sponsoring Flaps and Scruffy in honor of her Border Collie, Dixie.

The Gionfriddo Family, Bradenton, FL
Christie, Gregg, Hunter & Kaley Gionfriddo are sponsoring Roscoe

David and Virginia Griese, Bradenton, FL
David and Virginia are sponsoring Eva in honor of their pets Midnite and Eva

Debra and Ron Accomando, Naples, FL
In honor of Page Knoebel
I am a high school friend of Page. It is with pride and tremendous respect I make this donation in honor of Page, and all one has done and continues to do for the cause. Also in memory of my dearly beloved yellow lab Tucker.

Carol & Gary Frick
They have done so in the memory of their own Irish Setters over the last 40 years:Rascal, Champ, Cody, Chelsea & Clancy.

Nancy & Lonie Buchner, Osprey, FL
Nancy and Lonie are sponsoring Boris and Natasha in memory of their dog Jodi.

Katie Bishop & Mark Hendrix, Sarasota, FL
Katie and Mark are sponsoring Missy in Memory of Mark Hendrix’ pet, Blanco.

Rhys Miller, Sarasota, FL
Rhys is sponsoring Spike (whose resiliency is an inspiration) in Honor of Kathy Berry – Champion of Underdogs. Happy Birthday Kathy!

Margaret Mary Moynagh, Somerset, MA
Margaret is sponsoring Sherman in loving memory of Joslyn Moynagh .

Virginia & David, Bradenton, FL
Virgina and David are sponsoring Eva

Nicki, Robert, Sarah & Tim, Sarasota, FL
Nicki, Robert, Sarah & Tim are sponsoring Sherman in Honor of Jennifer Hummel. “This is in honor of our great friend Jennifer. Great friend not only to us but to all animals.” Happy Birthday!

A friend has donated $100 in memory of Ronnie; beloved cat of Laura Miguel and Pete

Lori, Rosemary & Michael Kotlowski, Calumet City, IL
Lori, Rosemary & Michael are sponsoring Scruffy in Memory of their two dogs, Gizmo & Lassie and their cat, B.J.

Gary & Shay Repetti, Clearwater, FL
Gary and Shay are sponsoring Slurpee in Memory of Mina – one special Rottweiler. This wonderful couple has also adopted one of our special Rottweilers, Princess.

Hannah & Sara McCurry, Sarasota, FL
Hannah is sponsoring Scruffy and Sara is sponsoring Flaps.

Katie Kirwin, Sarasota, FL
Katie is sponsoring Drummer in Memory of her beloved dog, Sammy, and cat, Fiona.

Melanie Newby, Sarasota, FL
Melanie is sponsoring good old Bud.

Robin Weiner Kirk & Lucy Weiner, Hollywood, FL
Robin and her dog, Lucy, (who she adopted from Satchel’s a long time ago – before it was even named Satchel’s) have dedicated a sponsorship to the wonderful job the shelter is doing.

Ed & Dee Dee Giblin, Chicago, IL
Ed and Dee Dee are sponsoring our long time resident, Flaps.

An anonymous sponsorship has been made in Memory of FARLEY.

In loving memory of Joslyn Moynagh, Fall River, MA
Joslyn loved animals very much. In honor of her memory four of Satchel’s long time residents; Baxter, Drummer, Missy and Spike have been named her sponsored dogs.

Jessica Liv Lahaie, Naples, FL
Jessica has made a sponsorship in honor of her Catahoula Leopard Hound, Delmar, who looks just like Satchel’s long time resident, Pepper.

John & Toby Barfield, Sarasota, FL
John and Toby have made a sponsorship in the memory of their pet Pepper.

Lisa Davis, Bradenton, FL

Lisa & Joshua McClure, Bradenton, FL
Lisa and Joshua have made a sponsorship in honor of their dogs, Lucky & Red McClure.

Joseph A Riccio, Port Charlotte, FL
Joseph sponsored his own dog Joey, who he for unfortunate reasons had to place at Satchel’s. Joseph loves Joey and misses him very much. Joey has since then been adopted by a wonderful woman.