Happy Landings for Gidget, now known as Luna! Adoption follow up.
“We discovered Gidget – now Luna – when Mark began volunteering at Satchel’s. We had lost our beloved old dog in October and by January I couldn’t go another day without a furry head under my hand. During one of his walks, Mark texted me a photo of Gidget and remarked “this one’s cute”. I immediately texted back, “let’s set up a meeting”. She was such a sweet and playful puppy. Things moved fast after that, and we were bringing her home with us a week later. She acclimated quickly to our home and loved the large selection of toys to chew on and kongs to take apart. She is a big cuddle-bug and loves to snuggle near us and fall asleep after a good round of play and exercise. She has quite a few friends in the neighborhood, and loves playing with other dogs and zooming around to release her exuberant puppy energy. Our friends and family adore her too, and she often comes with us when visiting them. We tried introducing her to dog beach, but she was not at all interested, making a beeline for the exit. She is very smart and easy to train. We are so grateful to Satchel’s. They deeply care about all their dogs and it shows.”
What an amazing life Gidget is going to have in this loving home surrounded by family and friends. We love it when we hear puppies are getting socialized at a young age.