About Satchels Last Resort

At Satchel’s Last Resort, we provide lifelong shelter to dogs deemed unadoptable, nurture and train dogs, and offer temporary shelter to adoptable dogs whose owners can no longer care for them.

We believe all dogs are created equal and deserve to live the life of a beloved pet. Each dog that comes to us has its own unique and personal history.  We get to know each dog individually – his favorite toy, his favorite game, his favorite foods. The residents (dogs forever with Satchel’s) and guests (adoptable dogs) live in an airy shelter with spacious kennels, go for three romps or walks per day, and even take the occasional car ride to let their fur flap in the wind.

Most important to us, we keep our dogs safe from other residents and from humans who may want to harm them. Behaviorists work with the dogs a few times a week to teach them that they can trust humans and other animals.

We actively seek forever homes tailored to the needs of our adoptable dogs so that they can live the rest of their lives among a family of their own.  We believe that by harnessing the unconditional love that the dogs in our sanctuary put forth everyday, the world becomes a brighter place for animals and people.

Each and everyday we try to give a little of their love back – back to the dogs and back to our community.

How We Got Started

When our founders were still living in Chicago, they found a stray Chesapeake Bay Retriever on the streets. It took them hours, and I mean hours to catch him.

They were both on the board of a local shelter at the time so took him there. The shelter wouldn’t take him due to his “bad” temperament. The SPCA turned also turned us away; as did a national rescue out west. He was so wild no rescue would take him, so they took him home and loved him.

That was the beginning. It took some time but they were able to turn him around, to accept thier companionship and the companionship of other dogs as well. Originally he was called Grouchie, but as he progressed they felt perhaps that name was doing him a disservice so changed his name to Bouchy.

What they learned from the experience with Bouchy was there was a need for a “place” for dogs like him. And they wondered – if Bouchy could be turned around –could other dogs with the same issues?

They wanted to take unloved dogs and love them; to take throw away dogs and turn them into viable, productive members of society. Everything done since then has just evolved from that first experience. They are especially proud of two dogs, originally strays, who are now helping people.

One is a service dog assisting a Polio victim in Bradenton. The other, Finn, is now a service dog for a man in Tampa who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis.