Success Stories

Perfect Bedtime for Cherish!

Who remembers our girl Cherish. Rescued emaciated and on the brink of death? We posted a pic of her adoption a couple of weeks ago and recently received this picture update. A picture tells a ... continue reading

Christmas in a Home for Samme Anne after 10 Years!

Sammi Anne spent Christmas in a loving home after spending the past 10 Christmases at Satchel’s. This girl is enjoying the high life now. Thank you so much Jay for adopting a senior kitty.

Raven – One Year Anniversary!

Many of our followers will remember Raven and Bones, scheduled to be euthanized due to an unfortunate incident which was not their fault, and rescued by Satchel’s. Last week Raven celebrated his one year anniversary ... continue reading

Dixie (formerly Lacie Lyne) Stops by for a Visit

Dixie (formerly Lacie Lynn) and her family stopped by yesterday with a car load of goodies for the dogs and cats here at the shelter and to wish us all a Merry Christmas. Visits like ... continue reading

Bruno’s First Christmas in his New Home!

We love happy landing updates! Thank you Donna for taking Bruno into your home and for the First Christmas update. “Bruno’s First Christmas in Ohio. He has so many presents under the Tree. Yes, he’s ... continue reading

Dallas – 6 years later!

Dallas stopped by Yappy Hour at Motorworks Brewing last weekend to say hello. Just a small puppy when he was adopted 6 1/2 years ago and look at him now! What a handsome, happy boy ... continue reading

Walter’s One Year Anniversary

Walter was adopted a year ago today. Thank you Nick and Laura for taking this senior boy into your home and giving him so much love and attention. Walter is truly living the life all ... continue reading

Candy Cane finds her “mom”

Candy Cane came to Satchel’s last December. This baby just a year old living a feral life with a baby of her own had been trapped and temporarily taken into a home while a rescue ... continue reading

Trubby (Tully) Update

Our Trubby (now Tully) has found his forever home. His adopters, Steven and Kathy tell us that Tully and Bijou play all the time, all day long and are so gentle with each other. He ... continue reading

Ava loving her new life!

Used to be “Our Girl” Ava at her first outing to Cactus Jack’s. She’s living the life now and loving it. This girl has come so far in just a few short weeks and is ... continue reading