Success Stories

Carson Happy Landing!

After 30 days in their new home, we like to follow up and check what our pets have been up to. Thank you to volunteer Judy for our “Happy Landings” updates. Here’s an update on ... continue reading

Happy Landings Avery and Pouncer!

We love happy landing stories from our adopters. This one recently received from the Avery and Pouncer home makes our hearts sing picturing these kitties living the good life after spending so long living in ... continue reading

Look at that smile!

That smile on Stella’s face says it all – she’s loving her new family! No pool shots here, but she LOVES swimming in the pool with momma. Another happy landing story for a senior dog ... continue reading

Rocco is finally home!

We received a 3 month anniversary update on Rocco and Ruth tells us he’s doing great. You may remember Rocco was one of our more difficult dogs, being returned twice in a very short period ... continue reading

Happy Birthday Walter!

Look who stopped by Satchel’s this afternoon to share his birthday celebration with his former kennel mates. It’s one of our ambassador dogs – Walter. Laura and Nick adopted Walter in November 2018 and often ... continue reading

Hi from Cissy!

Cissy has been in her new home for a little over a week now. We’re told she is still a little shy but is getting more comfortable every day and her new owners are totally ... continue reading

Dabo living his dream!

Dabo (formerly Shadow) is now living his dream life. Latest update tells us he’s loving every minute of every day. Goes to work with his vet mom and spends time with his 2 human siblings ... continue reading

Kivo (formerly Cheney) owns the lanai!

What a beauty! Kivo (formerly Cheney) adopted last May. His mom reports that he likes to annoy his little canine siblings at times but they generally get along well. Although he does consider the lanai ... continue reading

Who remembers Ray Ray?

Ray Ray was a big bully in our open cat room and didn’t present the best side of himself to potential adopters. That didn’t scare Jack and Kayla away and so last August, after 3 ... continue reading

Pixie is Stress-Free now!

Pixie found her forever home about 6 weeks ago after spending a year at Satchel’s. She was a little stressed out in the open cat room at Satchel’s and started to lose some hair. She ... continue reading