Success Stories

Happy Landings for Harlan! Adoption follow up.

When Tracy saw Harlan’s precious photo posted on Satchel’s Volunteer’s Facebook Page, she knew she had to meet this adorable senior Beagle. Harlan is now living the fairy tale life of a princess with Tracy ... continue reading

Happy One Year Anniversary to Eve!

Another happy kitty living in the perfect home! Here’s a 1-year Gotcha Day anniversary update from Eve’s family. “Little Eve has lived with us for a whole year. We brought her home to keep Mickey ... continue reading

Happy Landings for Mufasa!

Robert met Mufasa at Pet Supermarket and thought he would make a great buddy. Mufasa has settled in now and his new Dad says that he has an amazing personality. Mufasa “talks” to Robert with ... continue reading

Happy Landings for Dandy (now Charlie)!

Chris had lost her 14-year-old Chihuahua Charles and was ready to adopt another dog into her family. As the founder of C&C Rescue Foundation, which hosts fundraisers for local rescues, she knew Page and Satchel’s ... continue reading

Happy Landings for Jeffry!

David was looking for a new buddy for his rescue dog Sheila as her canine sibling had recently passed. He learned of Satchel’s through a volunteer and he was interested in adopting a shy dog. ... continue reading

We love updates from our adopters!

Here’s a word from Suzie’s new family. “Suzie, now Birdie, is doing wonderfully! She’s such a lovebug. We’ve been to the vet to get her established and she has been able to get socialization through ... continue reading

Happy Landings for Lady Bug!

Robert and his wife had recently seen the passing of their 18-year-old Chihuahua and were now ready to adopt a small senior dog. An acquaintance of theirs mentioned Satchel’s and when they met sweet senior ... continue reading

Happy Landings for Marshmallow!

Sheila has had her service dog, 15-year-old Harley Davidson Jr., for a number of years and was looking for a new companion for him. She has rescued many dogs over the years and during her ... continue reading

Happy Landings for Ralphie (now known as Rocky)!

Rocky is loving hanging out with his new best bud Willie in his new forever home!

Ronald is a happy kitty!

Ronald, now known as Shaka, enjoying life in his new home with Cassi, Davi and Shiryu. We love pics from our adopters!