Success Stories

Little Frankie

Who remembers Frankie, the little puppy we rescued back in the fall? Mad Max, as he is now called, weighs in at a happy and healthy 70 lbs. His family love hime. Guess we hit ... continue reading

Bones being shown some love in his new home

Just look at these beautiful babies celebrating Valentine’s Day together! It might not have been love at first site for Panda, but it didn’t take long for her to realize what a catch Bones was. ... continue reading

Niya – 3 Weeks in her new home!

Happy Landings to Niya! Last summer, we got a call to pull Niya from animal services. Perfect timing as a foster home was available and we were able to take Niya straight to her temporary ... continue reading

Sparta and Monty

Many people don’t believe that a cat and a bird can live peacefully together forever after. Well Tabby (formerly Sparta) wanted to show you all. Tabby (Sparta) was adopted 10 months ago and, in her ... continue reading

Chewie loving his second chance

Look who came to visit us at Starbucks during the holiday season! It’s Chewie (formerly Chewy). Some of you may remember our boy Chewie as a regular at our off site events in the winter/spring ... continue reading


Formerly known as Soukey It’s been almost two years and our rescue dog-we renamed him Elvis-has been the light of our life. It’s so hard to imagine a time before he was in our lives. ... continue reading


Just wanted to send a picture of Pluto. We adopted him almost two years ago. He has been the Best friend that we all needed. Thanks to all at Satchels for all You Do Have ... continue reading


Formerly known as Sarah Hi to all my Dear Friends at Satchels! Well it’s one month ago today that I found the BEST HOME ever!!!! I love my mom and she Loves Me So Much!!! ... continue reading


Hi Everyone, Joe and I wanted to send over some pictures of Hope. She is doing so well and fit in with our family perfectly. We have no complaints at all. She is so sweet ... continue reading

Jiggy & Queen Anne

Queen Anne formally known as Gracie Hi everyone at Satchel’s!! We just wanted to send you some pics of Jiggy and Gracie (renamed Queen Anne) They are doing wonderful and we tell everyone about you ... continue reading