Looking to rehome your pet?

Please be aware of the ramifications of surrendering your companion animal.

Sadly, animal shelters receive dozens of calls and emails every single day from pet owners attempting to give up their companion animals. Unless a shelter is open admission, which are usually government financed and must take the animals, others like Satchel’s exist on private donor contributions and must turn away animals when they are at capacity. Unfortunately, Satchel’s is almost always full.

If you feel you must give up your pet, please ask every available friend, family member and neighbor to help you before turning to a shelter- and understand that unless a shelter is also a sanctuary, like Satchel’s is, your animal may be euthanized. Not all shelters that claim to be no-kill are no-kill. Animals considered “unadoptable” by standards the shelter determines, be it for shyness, over-exuberance or aggression may result in your pet being euthanized.

If you have no other alternative, and wish to have Satchel’s consider taking in your companion animal should space become available, please email your pet’s details to surrender@satchelslastresort.org