Muzzle Outreach Program

Satchel’s Muzzle Outreach Program is a no-cost community outreach program designed to help families and their dogs receive the behavior training they need to live more harmoniously together. Participants are provided with a complimentary Baskerville Ultra muzzle and unlimited monthly one-on-one training sessions with a Satchel’s trainer. Complete our online form to help us better understand your situation and determine if your pet would be a good fit for our Muzzle Outreach Program.

Recent feedback from Muzzle Outreach participants:

“Training is going great and King is a happy boy. We have been able to incorporate muzzle wearing when I trim his nails or know we are going to a high stress environment. We have been working with him backing away from the door using Rafi’s technique and now starting the play hide and seek to use King’s brain and reward for positive behavior.” – Krystle R.

“PJ is doing well with his muzzle. Still exhibits fear aggression but I am more relaxed now!” – Judy D.

“I am so thankful I learned of this training and had the opportunity to meet you and Rafi! You both were absolutely wonderful, and so helpful! We have already began working with Luke, helping him to become more comfortable with the muzzle and it’s going great so far – we are so hopeful!” – Michelle W.

“Eddie doesn’t need his muzzle often but when he does he can tolerate it and I continue practicing from time to time. I used it in October when plumbers were here along with his leash and everyone felt more comfortable.” – Ruth D.

“Frankie, our lab mix, began showing reactiveness at around a year old. It started in the car and on walks before extending to the home. He would bark and lunge at bikes, dogs, and new people. His behavior worsened after we moved to a densely populated area in Miami. Following our relocation to Sarasota County, we struggled to walk Frankie and couldn’t entertain guests. We felt trapped and hopeless. Although we loved Frankie, his behavior was proving too challenging for us. We reached out to Satchels, ready to surrender, and fortunately, we received help. Through Satchels, we worked with Trainer Rafi, who provided us with tools and guidance to assist Frankie. Rafi observed that Frankie was more defensive than aggressive, likely seeking a safe space from others. Armed with this insight, we adjusted our approach with Frankie at home and started to work with him daily. We introduced name games to ensure he always responds when called. We have been teaching him to back up and not rush the door. We focused on building his confidence by taking him on walks and interacting with neighbors along the way, ensuring he had enough space to feel secure. We boosted his muzzle confidence with frozen chicken bites and plenty of positive attention.When he barks at the window and in the car, we redirect him with a spray bottle and a calm and confident “uh-uh” command. We also provide activities to keep him away from the window. On walks, we carry a ball and treats to keep him engaged and redirect him as needed. While we still avoid potential triggers such as other dogs, we’ve started addressing this with Frankie at Satchels. Many of these changes were easy to implement and feel like games. They have made walking Frankie enjoyable again. There is still a long way to go, and we doubt he’ll ever be fond of delivery trucks. However, Frankie continues to improve thanks to the tools we acquired at Satchels.” – Gabrielle D.