Happy Landings for Evie, now known as Barley! Adoption follow up.
Laurie and George had come out to Satchel’s to meet a few dogs and when they noticed a volunteer walking Evie, they knew they had to meet her. Now known as Barley, she is doing great and is growing quickly. Barley has begun obedience training and loves meeting new people and dogs. She recently had her “evaluation” for doggie daycare; passed with flying colors and will enjoy socializing with other pups. Alley, her 13-year-old feline sibling has no interest in being chased by Barley, but is tolerating her canine sibling’s presence in her house. Laurie and George love to try different breweries, hence the name Barley, and she enjoys tagging along with her parents. Their 16-year-old black cat who passed in December was named Whiskers (having two very long white whiskers when he was adopted) and thus it’s very fitting that they now have a new pet with adorable precious whiskers that are growing longer every day!