Happy Landings for Taquito – Adoption Follow Up!

Happy Landings for Taquito (now Toby Odie) – Adoption Follow Up.
“Prior to adopting Taquito, now known as Toby Odie, we had adopted Mandy, a sweet little terrier in 2020, who is now 6 years old. Prior to Toby, Mandy had no concept of play. She ran from toys and chew bones. She quietly loved people of all ages on our walks and liked most pooches. But, otherwise, we got very little response from Mandy. We had hoped another small younger pooch might enrich her life and help her learn how to play. My husband and I also believed the whole family (pack) would be enriched with a new furry family member. Unbelievably, Toby Odie has brought us all immeasurable joy. Toby is a goofy, happy, super sweet and playful little 2 year old boy. He has learned manners and how to live in a home from his sibling, Mandy. Toby and Mandy walk together 4 times a day and Toby has become an excellent leash walker, which he also learned from Mandy. Toby and Mandy are fully bonded and Mandy relishes the toys and bacon bones that she used to hide from! We have “saved” two fur babies that have made an active senior couple very happy!! Michal Anne and everyone at Satchel’s are a blessing – thank you all!”