Happy Landings for Samson – Adoption Follow Up.

Nancy was looking for a cat that would be a good buddy for her cat Zoomer who was adopted last year from Satchel’s. One of the volunteers felt that Samson’s temperament would be a great fit for Zoomer. Ironically enough Nancy’s dog of 16 yrs who had passed away recently had also been named Samson and as it turns out the match was perfect. Nancy has her entire backyard screened in and Samson is incredibly happy spending time exploring and lying in the sun. When Nancy is doing laps in the pool, Zoomer participates by walking the entire perimeter of the pool following Mom back and forth. Samson is now observing Zoomer’s activity with much interest and Nancy thinks that pretty soon he will be joining in the “cat walks” poolside. Nancy is delighted with how things have worked out and says they are all living happily ever after!