Happy Landings for Rick! An adoption story in the adopter’s own words.
Rick’s Story… Or mine…
Some people say, “when you know you know” when it comes to love. I knew my whole existence I wanted to love. So, bring on the knowing!
It was absolutely love at first sight for me with Rick. I was late-night scrolling through adorable adoptable dogs, and he stole my heart with his photos. I applied immediately. I started planning our lives, Rick, my daughter, and me. No guy had swept me off my feet quite like Rick (and I was losing hope that one ever would), so I had zero doubt he would be coming home until I got the response email saying he had been adopted and was going home that week… Not my home 🙁 I cry a lot, so I cried… a lot. I was ecstatic he had a home but devastated it was not going to be with us.
I got on eventually, but I talked about Rick a lot. I knew about him losing his sight and hearing in his previous life and I had planned to cook flavorful meals in the house for aromas to captivate Rick’s sense of smell, and my daughter would cuddle him while watching PJ Masks to tickle his sense of feel, and of course he’ll eat like a king in this house to satisfy his sense of taste. I know we can do all of that without Rick, but I particularly wanted to love him like he had clearly not been loved and give him a wonderful and exciting home. I wanted to show him life was more than what you can see and hear. yeah…. I got on eventually…
About a week later, late at night, I decided to go scroll Satchel’s adoptable dogs and would you know it, there was Rick’s photo – the one that took my breath away that very first day I logged in – on my phone screen!! Who is to know what happened that he made it back on the market, but that fella was meant to be mine and I knew it from the start! I sent an email that late night to whoever gets the emails and expressed my immediate interest in loving that boy. I got a call the next morning and by 4pm that Friday afternoon, Rick was sitting in my daughter’s lap in Sally’s – Rick’s foster mama – living room.
These days, he sits on Pj’s lap in our living room! She cuddles him while she is watching PJ Mask’s. I cook flavorful, delicious, aromatic meals – for us, and for King Rick. Ricky Boy. Pickle Rick. Rick Middleton (PJ produced that one). Ricky Pickleton (also PJ’s). Oh… and there’s this guy, a real boy!, he is sweeping me off my feet every day. And he is good to my daughter. And he likes the food. Best of all, Rick totally approves. It’s a wonder I get time with my boyfriend at all when he is over for dinner, Rick is not demure with his affections toward him. There is a lot of love in this home; it’s so weird how things…. work out.
Some people say Dog spelled backwards is….