Happy Landings for Posh (now known as Athena)! Adoption follow up
Kayla and Spencer’s senior cat had passed away and they could see that their cat Maximus was lonely and needing a new buddy. They met two kittens at Satchel’s and it turned out to be Posh’s lucky day as this sweet young kitten won their hearts. Now known as Athena, she is thriving in her new home and it only took a few days for Maximus to take her under his wing. Kayla says that Maximus has taken on a fatherly role to Athena and she adores him. They play together, groom each other and provide great comfort and companionship to one another. They also find her at times playing catch by herself although her favorite toy is a simple string. Often she will pounce on her parents during the night with her string trying to convince them to wake up and play! She is the perfect little sister for Maximus and has brought great joy and fun to her new family.