Emma has had cats her entire life and since her last cat had passed away about a year ago, she felt the time was right to adopt. Every morning when she got up, she would search multiple rescues online. A few times, she would see a cat she was interested in, but would either find out the cat was adopted or was unable to get much information. When she saw Sox’s photo and read how friendly he was, she contacted Satchel’s immediately and fell in love with him when she met him. Now known as Ozzy, he is loving life with Emma and Ken. He has a magnificent personality and Emma describes him as a lover, very intelligent and adorably funny. Often acting like a dog in a cat suit, he loves to chase his ball toy and retrieve it for his humans, sometimes interrupting his play with an episode of the zoomies. In addition to bird watching, one of his favorite activities is following Emma around to supervise daily housekeeping and he is thrilled when the time has come to make the bed. As Emma is spreading the sheets over the mattress, he enthusiastically dashes underneath the sheets and playfully tackles the bedding. He also loves to explore the house for any new discoveries he might find intriguing. During the Holidays, Emma received a large Christmas pop up card which she had opened up and placed on the table. Ozzy inevitably discovered this interesting three dimensional “toy” and Emma found him triumphantly sitting on top of the flattened card reigning over his joyful conquest. When not busy playing, Ozzy loves to hang out with Emma and Ken and chirp at them for attention. He thoroughly enjoys making “biscuits” with Ken’s feet and also in the air while lying on his back. Emma says he is the Best Cat in the World, a darling angel and One in a Million!