Happy Landings for Kit, Kat and Twix! Adoption follow up.
Lynn had been thinking of adopting a kitten for a long time and had heard about Satchel’s through a friend. She was considering adopting a bonded pair, but due to circumstances she originally went home with just Kit. Soon thereafter as fate would have it, the other two became available and Lynn decided to do something exceptional. The thought of the three siblings being separated saddened her and so these three little kittens did not lose their mittens, but rather they found something very special which was the gift of being able to grow up together! Kit, Kat and Twix are all doing fantastic and each have their own unique and special personality. Whether it’s playing with toys, sitting together by the window watching the birds and geckos, or following Lynn around the house, they are extremely happy being together. When all tired out, they bundle themselves together and snuggle up tightly like peas in a pod. Lynn is thrilled with her new fur babies and very happy that she waited for these special kittens to come along!