Muffy’s dog had passed away last year and she had fostered Zoey for awhile before her adoption to another family. Muffy felt that she was now ready to adopt and as she has always loved Yorkies, when she learned of Tiki through a Satchel’s volunteer, she wanted to meet this sweet little senior. Muffy once again became a foster mom as Tiki needed some medical care and before long Muffy knew she wanted to be her forever mom. Tiki is doing fantastic and adores her numerous toys scattered throughout the house. She has become very bonded with Muffy and is a sweet, loving and very happy little girl with her new Mom!
Tiki laying on the couch looking at the camera.Tiki sitting on the lanai wearing a bandana, looking at the camera. Plant pot beside her. Tiki looking at the camera on the couch with a toy. Tiki in the arms of her momma beside the "Thank you for Supporting Satchel's" sign at Satchel's Birthday Party.