In the fall of 2020, Quinton found himself at Satchel’s, a scared little guy who struggled to find trust in the shelter environment. After spending a few weeks working with him at the shelter, staff member Rita wanted to take this boy home to foster and see if she could build that trust with him.
Quinton was afraid of everything outside of his immediate surroundings. It took patience, time and understanding but Rita and Quinton formed the needed bond. Life outside the home is getting easier for Quinton but he still has a long way to go and Rita is willing to give him all the time and love he needs to become comfortable taking new adventures.
Thank you Rita for adopting Quinton and making him an official member of your family. Congratulations to you both!
Quinton outside sitting beside his standing mom, both beside a tree. Quinton on the couch, mom by his side. Quinton standing tall on the lanai. Quinton, looking at the camera, on the floor with a toy.