Sheila was thinking of getting a cat when she happened to have a chance meeting with a few cats at Satchel’s. Scout came right over to Sheila and it was love at first meow. Now known as Sweet Pea, she follows Mom everywhere in the house. Sweet Pea “thinks she is a dog” in that she follows Sheila everywhere, snuggles up under her arm and loves to lick her face. Sweet Pea is great with all people she meets, loves playing with her toys and sitting on the lanai keeping an eye out for birds, squirrels and geckos. Sheila describes her as an absolute honey and says it is truly amazing how much Sweet Pea loves her!
Sweet Pe laying in a tunnel, paw sticking ou. Sweet Pea laying on an area rug. Sweeet Pea laying on a chair, looking at the camera. Sweet Pea laying on the top bed of a cat tree.