All of us at Satchel’s are mourning the loss of one of our long-time residents. Brittany left us on Monday with friends Michal Anne and Lisa by her side. Brittany was a tough cookie but we all loved her. Thank you to volunteers Pam and Lisa for showing her weekly adventures these last few months as she started to slow down, giving her the best end of life possible.
Here’s a tribute from Animal Care Supervisor, Lacie.
“Another beloved legend and Queen of Satchel’s has left to cross the rainbow bridge. Brittany, a girl who over flowed with personality, stubbornness, playfulness, and had a huge heart, is now terribly missed by so many. Brittany was with us for 12 years, and in those years she taught us how even the toughest broad was a child at heart. She loved life, every part of it. She adored playing in the pool in her younger days, splashing around, biting at the mini waves she made, and to amp up the fun, getting the hose involved made it ten times better. She loved adventure, going on car rides to various places and acting as though she always knew the way. In the car, she wanted to feel the wind on her face and sniff the air, and when done, lay down and just enjoy the company. She was big on affection, and couldn’t get enough belly rubs. She always told us how much she loved us by going in-between our legs while she got a good all over scratching. She absolutely loved food and was a key way of getting to her heart, though she wasn’t about to share her scrumptious morsels with anyone. She made us laugh all the time, having a devious smile on her face as if planning her next surprise. She was good at shocking people as well, for if you walked up to her kennel, at first glance you would think she so sweet, but then she would show you just how fast and wild she could be, spinning as fast as she could, barking up a storm. She was comical, yet fierce, loving, yet brave. She was a true lady. Brittany showed us that no matter what the circumstances, life is beautiful and should be cherished. We will all miss her so very much, but we know, she is swimming her heart out, running like no tomorrow, and spinning as though she were dancing. We love you Brittany, and I hope to see you again, on the rainbow bridge.”
RIP Brittany, you’ll always have a special place in our hearts.
Brittany sitting in her kennel. Brittany laying on the floor in a volunteer's home, toy beside, looking at the camera. Brittany laying in the back seat of a car, tongue out and happy.