Happy Landings for Jack – Adoption follow up.

Laura and her daughter had been searching on line for a cat to adopt and when her daughter saw senior cat Jack with one missing eye her heart went out to him. When they met Jack they knew he would fit right in with their family. Jack is extremely happy in his new home. He absolutely loves being out on the lanai and watching all the interesting things going on outside. He delights in watching the lizards and birds and is completely captivated with watching the waterfall in the pool. When he is not on the lanai, he loves being by Laura’s side. He is quite the “talker” and when he feels it is time for everyone to go to bed, he will meow until everyone is tucked in. He also doesn’t hesitate to meow Laura out of bed in the morning for his breakfast and Laura says it sounds like he is saying “Mom”. Sweet Jack will now spend his senior years in great comfort with plenty of love and Laura says that he is a “10 out of 10”!