Happy Landings for Sai (now Sam)

Judy had waited a few years to adopt after the passing of her Bulldog/Lab mix. Now that she was ready to adopt, she was remembering a German Shepherd that her family had for 17 years. When she saw Sai’s beautiful photo and read about his story on social media, she couldn’t resist meeting him. Sai quickly warmed up to her at their first meeting and Judy knew he would be a great fit for her. Now known as Sam, he loves his big back yard and playing ball and frisbee. Sam has bonded very closely to Judy and is somewhat protective of her. She has consulted with someone experienced in dog behavior and was given some great tips; although at this time Judy finds it best to give him his own space in the bedroom when people visit. Sam may always be a “one person” dog but that is fine with Judy and he is happy and thriving surrounded by her love and companionship!