Mandy and Greg’s dog had passed in March and the family was ready to find a buddy for their rescue cat Rocket who was a little depressed. Mandy had wanted an orange female kitten and Greg showed her Rey’s photo on Petfinder. Rey and Poe were living at the home of their foster family and unbeknownst to Mandy, Greg had filled out an application and had gone to visit the kittens at their foster home. He learned that Rey was already spoken for, but after speaking at length to the foster Mom, they decided that adorable Poe would make a great buddy for Rocket. What a wonderful surprise for Mandy when Greg came in later that evening with a precious little bundle of fur. Mandy said it didn’t matter that the kitten wasn’t a female as she fell in love with sweet little Poe immediately. It took a few days but Poe and Rocket are great buddies now; love to wrestle and Poe has helped Rocket overcome his anxiety since the loss of their dog. Poe is very engaging and loves meeting new people who come to visit. Mandy says that he is so cute when he is busy “making biscuits” and sucking on his favorite blanket. Poe adores snuggling up with Mom at bedtime and another kitten has hit the jackpot with his new family!
Rocket and Poe and human brother looking out of the window. Poe and Rocket snuggling. Poe laying with human brother. Poe sniffing his blanket.