Happy Landings for Pedro! Adoption follow up.
David and his wife had a rescued Greyhound and a Dalmatian in the past. They were considering adopting a Greyhound but had also visited a few shelters as they thought a small dog might be a possibility. A friend and Satchel’s volunteer suggested they look into adopting from Satchel’s. They were surprised to find that Satchel’s sometimes has small dogs and were thrilled when they met active little Pedro. One visit and they knew young Pedro was perfect for them. Pedro settled in very quickly and is doing fantastic. He has endless energy and enthusiasm for life and gets numerous long walks daily. He is very affectionate and playful and loves going to the dog park and also for play dates at Bayside Pet Resort. Their daughter has been working on training Pedro and he adores this fun and stimulating time with her. They are also considering doing agility in the future with Pedro. When the day is over and it’s time to settle in, Dad says “Time for Bed” and Pedro happily goes to his crate and snuggles in for the night to rest up and start the new day all over again! Another perfect match and a Holiday wish come true for Pedro and his new loving family!
Pedro with his new dad. Pedro on the chest of a family member. Pedro laying with his new human brother.