Our hearts were filled with joy a couple of weeks ago, when, after 2 years, Chewie left Satchel’s to join his forever family in his very own home. Chewie was a victim of the COVID era. In the early onset of COVID, a family rescued this young pup from a back yard breeder. Fast forward 6 months, the family are all back at work and school and Chewie is devastated at being left alone in the home even though he had a canine companion. The separation anxiety was more than this young family could handle and they reached out to Satchel’s for help. Chewie was a strong boy, in need of training and socialization. With the help of his Woof Pack leader, Jill, he blossomed into an amazing boy. It took a little longer than we had hoped for Chewie to find his forever home, but when Jacob and his family met him, everyone knew he’d found the perfect home. Chewie has been one of our playgroup greeters, loving the companionship of the other dogs and now he has a canine sister to play with every day!
Almost 3 years old and this is Chewie’s first Christmas in a home! Who’s crying?
Congratulations to you all! Chewie beside standing his new dad getting ready to leave Satchel's. Chewie laid beside the Christmas tree.