Renell felt a connection with Obie as soon as she saw his photos. Renell and Obie quickly established a routine so he could count on being fed at the same time every day. He spent about a month hiding and would only come out to eat and use the litter box, but she expected that and was very patient with him. She is pleased to say that he does not hide anymore and now spends his days happily out on the lanai up on the cat tree, on the couch and loves watching cat videos on TV. Obie is also choosing to sleep in Renell’s room at night. She has not been able to pet him yet but says that she will let him come for snuggles when he’s ready. Obie has made lots of progress and Renell says that she loves watching him gain more confidence every day and feeling content and happy in his wonderful forever home.
Obie on the top of the cat tree.. Obie peeping around the corner, sitting on the stairs. Obie sitting on the floor looking up.