Happy Landings for Moses (now known as Tommy)! Adoption follow up.
Mary Ellen’s senior dog had passed and after waiting awhile, she realized that “life is better with a dog”. It would be her first time adopting and having seen a few pics on social media, she had sent in an application. She was passing by Satchel’s with a friend one day when she decided to stop in and happened to see a volunteer walking Moses. Although that was not the dog she had applied for, she thought he was adorable and the idea of adopting a senior dog was very appealing to her. Everything fell into place and, now known as Tommy, this 13-year-old precious boy is living a very happy life with his new Mom. Mary Ellen was pleasantly surprised at how smooth the transition was and she says that Tommy is easy going and has a great personality. She lives in a neighborhood with a wonderful dog community and Tommy is happy to see new friends on his daily walks. He also now has a girlfriend named Ali, a little Havanese that lives next door and these two buddies love to chase each other in the private community dog park. When it’s time to hop into bed, Tommy burrows far down under the sheets, occasionally peeking his head out to check on Mom. The stars were aligned for Tommy and Mary Ellen that day and another wonderful match was made!