Happy Landings for Malcolm! Adoption follow up.
Nancy and Randy had an Australian Shepherd in their past and were now ready to adopt. They had met Malcolm at an Osprey event a few months back and thereafter Nancy had been steadily following Malcolm on social media. Malcolm was a very popular regular at many events as he was always happy to be out; very personable and loved by everyone he met. A few weeks later, they visited Malcolm at Phillippi Market; an appointment was made to interact with him at Satchel’s and they decided that he was the perfect dog for them. Malcolm is now living a fun-filled adventurous life with his active family and goes everywhere with Nancy and Randy. He visits many parks, including Benderson Park and Sleeping Turtles Preserve; enjoys going out to lunch with his family and has become quite the “celebrity”. They love that Malcolm walks well on leash and he has been fine walking with Nancy’s friend and her dog. With all of this beneficial activity, Malcolm has also lost a few pounds and is now at a healthy weight. Malcolm has not been aggressive towards his feline siblings but he does like to chase them; however he is making good progress on controlling that behavior since they have been working with a trainer provided by Satchel’s. After a busy and very happy day for this charming boy, Malcolm snuggles down into his large soft-sided crate beside his parents’ bed for a good night of sweet dreams. Having met so many people throughout the many events Malcolm attended, he must’ve been “waiting” for Nancy and Randy as this has turned out to be a perfect match in so many ways!