Millie was a stray dog who was very lucky to eventually have found her way to Satchel’s. She was terrified of everything and the first time she was brought into the yard, she had to be carried out as she was so fearful of leaving the safety of her kennel. Her new Mom Janet, who is a past Satchel’s adopter, has had several rescue dogs throughout her life and has had plenty of experience with extremely shy and anxious dogs like Millie. Millie, now known as Maggie, made her miracle connection with Janet just in time to celebrate the New Year and it would be an understatement to say how fantastic she is doing. On her first day home, she explored every room and within a short time was snuggled up in Janet’s arms offering kisses. It was very helpful for Maggie to have a canine sibling and they have grown to be great buddies.They love to hang out on the lanai in their lounge chairs where they enjoy watching the neighbors’ dogs walk by on the path. Maggie loves walks, car rides and comfy beds. She is also a super rock star at the apartment dog park where she has lots of canine friends, including Benji, also recently adopted from Satchel’s. Maggie is so lucky to have found the perfect forever home and Janet’s narrative below is a testament to a magnificent dream come true!
“After losing Lacey I wasn’t sure I was ready to turn over my heart again, but Seven and I felt our home was missing something. When I met Maggie (aka Millie) I knew she would bring new life into it. She was scared of absolutely everything and not completely trusting everyone but I knew with time, patience and lots of love there was a pup willing to give as much love as she got. She has opened her heart so quickly and is loving life. Yes, she’s still afraid of imaginary things that jump out at her, but my heart and our home is full of love and joy that Maggie has filled. Maggie is home and my thanks goes out to Satchel’s for all of the dedication to her and all the others they save.”
Millie and Seven on a bed on the lanai. Millie (now Maggie) in mom's arms. Millie on a dog bed in the living room, Seven on an ottoman. Millie (now Maggie) and Seven standing bedside mom, squatting outside. Mom giving Millie a kiss, Millie laid on the ottoman.