Tucker was rescued back in 2019 as a young boy. Some of Tucker’s trust issues made it very difficult to show him to potential adopters and so he made Satchel’s his home loving the staff and volunteers who would spend time with him.
Tucker entered our Woof Program program some time ago with his Woof Pack leader, Brendan, and also caught the attention of one of our volunteer trainers, Constantine. Both these volunteers worked with Tucker, training him in basic obedience as well as taking him on outings to see more of the world around him.
When Kayleigh and her mother came out to meet Tucker a few weeks ago, although we were still a little cautious, we were also more comfortable having him meet this potential adopter. He loved them! Because of his past behavior, we didn’t want to rush this adoption and so Kayleigh visited with Tucker several times prior to adoption. Last week, Tucker was taken to his potential home. All went well, and Tucker is now officially adopted. With the guidance of a trainer and clearly laying out house rules, he is adjusting wonderfully!
We believe the right home is out there for all of the dogs and cats at Satchel’s, it just takes time. Time which sometimes runs out due to age or health issues but not in Tucker’s case.
Thank you Kayleigh for taking the time needed for everyone to feel comfortable with Tucker moving on out. Congratulations to you all!
Tucker sitting nicely beside his new mom outside Satchel's.