Happy Landings for Malik – Adoption follow up.

Tiffany’s family already included two senior cats and one dog, but when a friendly stray cat wandered into the yard and they had no luck finding his owners, her family decided to welcome him into their home. Her two senior cats had no interest in playing with Chad, so they decided to adopt a buddy for him and that’s when they learned that Malik was available at Satchel’s. Malik and Chad were initially introduced through the crate and it wasn’t long before they became best buddies. Malik has adapted quickly to his new home and he is super sweet. Tiffany says he is on a rigid time schedule and that as soon as the alarm goes off in the morning, Malik is right there by her side playing with her hair to let her know it’s time for breakfast. Before Malik joined the family, Chad enjoyed playing with his canine sibling but since he now prefers Malik, they decided to adopt a new canine buddy for her other dog. It’s one big happy fur baby family that Malik has joined and everyone has a best friend!