Matt had recently seen the passing of his dog and although he wasn’t actively looking for a new canine companion, his cousin met LouLou at an event and felt her disposition would be perfect for Matt. He sent Matt a photo of LouLou and Matt went to meet her where there was actually another family considering adopting LouLou. As it turned out, LouLou instinctively went straight to Matt’s side, looked into his eyes and a beautiful connection was made. He was at a good point in his life to adopt and lucky LouLou found her forever home that day. Initially she was nervous in her new surroundings, but with Matt’s love, patience and guidance, she has made significant progress in overcoming her fears. Matt taught her how to climb the spiral staircase where they were sleeping until the home renovations were finished. Matt says she listens very well, loves her toys and blankets and adores playing tug of war with her new Dad. LouLou loves car rides; is getting lots of socialization and has been to the Farmers Market and did very well. She absolutely loves the water and has been out on the boat with Matt and his girlfriend, who also has a dog that LouLouwill be meeting soon. The stars were aligned the day Matt met LouLou and he is very grateful that Satchel’s “kept LouLou” until they found each other!
LouLou laying on a chair LouLou sitting in the vehicle LouLou climbing the spiral staircase. LouLou on the boat with dad and friend