Joan and Mel had recently experienced the passing of their two senior dogs and they knew that their family was not complete without a canine companion. Joan saw Kya on social media and was moved by her story. They went to meet her; Kya walked over and licked Mel’s hand and a match was made. It only took Kya about a week to adjust to her surroundings and she has now settled in fantastically. Kya follows Joan everywhere and has a doggie bed in every room. Kya lies on top of Mel’s lap in the recliner while watching tv and loves to cuddle up against Joan’s leg under the covers at nighttime. Kya adores her morning walk and at 9 AM sharp will nudge Joan to let her know it’s time to go. Kya was very prey reactive towards squirrels during her initial walks, but Joan has been working with her and Kya now responds to her commands to leave it and has stopped pulling. Kya loves her three feline siblings, Bobby, Boris and Fido and they love hanging out with Kya. Kya and Jethro, the neighbor’s dog met through the fence and ran back and forth along the fence line until they wore themselves out. After that, they met in her yard and now happily run and play together as great buddies. After the recent rains, Kya got very muddy from her playtime with Jethro and Joan decided to take her in the shower with her. Kya absolutely loved that and had a great time getting clean. Joan says that Kya is so lovable and the best dog they have ever had and Kya has hit the jackpot with Joan and Mel!
Kya and Fido the cat outside Kya and Joan playing Frisbee Kya kissing Mel. Kya sitting on the couch with Joan and Fido the cat.