Many of our Satchel’s dogs come to us with past traumas causing them to display fear aggression, dog reactivity and other behaviors which would have led to euthanasia in other shelters. We know with love, patience and behavior training, we can help our dogs overcome fears and truly thrive, and that is why we never stop researching and learning about the latest methods behaviorists and other well-known no-kill shelters are successfully practicing with their dogs. One such method is muzzle training using plastic basket muzzles (which allow dogs to eat and drink). Through the use of muzzles, we can safely work to improve a dog’s social skills around other people or animals, gradually introducing them and helping them to overcome their fear tendencies. Muzzles are also a wonderful tool for dogs who may be willing to bite at the veterinarian’s office or for dogs who may be approached by off-leash dogs out on walks with their owners. The benefits are endless and we are excited to implement muzzle training for our dogs with the guidance of amazing trainer, Rafael Fontan of RafStarK9. With Rafael’s help, our volunteers and staff are learning how to make muzzle training a gentle and fun process. We hope to have all Satchel’s dogs muzzle trained during their time with us and to be able to teach their families how to continue muzzle training in their homes.

Dawn sitting nicely wearing her muzzle.