Happy Landings for Gravy Face (now Grady).

Jodi volunteers for Satchel’s in the cat adoption room at Pet Supplies Plus so she is very familiar with all of the cats there. She and Scott had no plans for adoption, but as luck would have it, another cat volunteer asked Jodi if she would like to take Gravy home for an overnight during the Thanksgiving Holiday. Gravy must have known this was his chance to become a permanent family member as he was on his best behavior and made himself quite at home. Jodi said that he reminded her of a cat they had in the past; he blended in quite well and as fate would have it, Gravy became Grady. When company arrives, Grady loves to greet all of the visitors just as a friendly dog would. Walter, his canine sibling prefers to ignore Grady but that is just fine with Grady as he knows this is the perfect forever home for him!
Gravy Face (now Grady) resting on the arm of the couch looking at the camer. Gravy Face (now Grady) lounging on a cat tree. Gravy Face (now Grady) sitting on the his feeding table with his platter of food.