David and Barbara had lost their 19-year-old dog to old age and were ready for a canine companion. They wanted a small dog but were having trouble finding a good match, when Satchel’s was suggested to them. Never expecting to be adopting two dogs, they met Frasier and Niles, fell in love immediately and were so happy to adopt this delightful pair. Now known as Rusty and Charley, on the day they arrived at their new home, they jumped onto the chair and couch without any hesitation and settled in very quickly thereafter. Rusty and Charley love car rides and spending time at the dog park is one of their favorite activities where they run and play with the other small dogs. When at home, Charley loves to give endless kisses and Rusty loves to “redecorate” the couch pillows. At bedtime, it’s easily up the stairs and onto the family bed, where Charley likes to stay close to his humans, while Rusty prefers the end of the bed where he can make his own little nest. Although they have different personalities, each of them always want to know where their brother is. During the hurricane, David and Barbara had to evacuate inland and Rusty and Charley did fine and handled themselves very well. Rusty and Charley are frequent Sunday guests at Tahini Beach Cafe on Bradenton Beach, where they have made many friends and are always on their best behavior. Another perfect forever home for these two precious seniors!
Frasier and Niles sitting on pillows on the couch