approximatey 8 years old, surrended together by their owner when she found herself unable to care for them.
Despite this rough turn of events, Stewie is a super sweet, extremely affectionate male who loves to be petted and will burrow his head into your hand so you will keep on petting him. Lewie is a bit reserved, but as soon as you start petting him, he responds and he too will nuzzle your hand to keep the pets coming. Although, these boys were a little overwhelmed in the open cat room, they were accepting of the other cats and could learn to tolerate other felines in the home.
Stewie and Lewie are currently in a foster home waiting patiently for their forever home. Could that be your home? They are a bonded pair who curl up with each other and groom one another so we would prefer these boys get adopted together please.
For an appointment to meet Stewie and Lewie, please submit the adoption application (no commitment) found on our website,, and an adoption counselor will get back to you.
Stewie and Lewie laid on the bed together. Lewie standing looking at the camera. Stewie sitting looking at the camera.