Jake was recently rescued from a county shelter which was unable to give him any possible care he may need for a foot injury and so reached out to Satchel’s for help.
Once he arrived at Satchel’s, we took him to our vet who ran all the necessary tests, x-rays, etc. and determined his injury was an old injury that had healed improperly. Unfortunately, as is usually the case, nothing can be done to correct this old injury.
Although Jake will always have an abnormal gait, the foot does not give him any issues.
When Kim met Jake at an event at The Bazaar on Apricot & Lime last month, she immediately fell in love and brought husband, Robert, to the shelter the following week to meet Jake. Not sure they were ready to be a 2-dog family, they took a little time to think it through. Jake got along so perfectly with their dog Skylar and Kim and Robert loved Jake. The decision was made for them! Everyone is thrilled to be a 2-dog family. Congratulations to you all!