Debra and Paul had experienced the passing of their three female cats all within the last year and 12 year old feline Mickey was depressed and became very needy without his siblings. Debra was searching for a senior cat on Pet Finder and the first cat that came up to fit her description was Eve. When Debra saw that Satchel’s was located in Sarasota, she realized that she had neglected to set the mileage filter during her search as they live in Clearwater, but Eve’s profile seemed to be a good fit for Mickey. A precious photo of Eve with her gorgeous green eyes and showing off her polydactyl toes sealed the decision to meet her. Initially, Eve wanted her space from Mickey but soon realized he would make a great buddy. Mickey’s depression has lifted and he is so impressed with Eve that he has learned some new tricks from her. Mickey used to scratch the furniture, but after observing Eve using the scratching post, he now prefers the post. His litter box manners have improved dramatically and mimicking Eve’s litter box habits, he tidies up after every use. Mickey also never used the bottom space of the cat condo, but once again after observing Eve enjoying that space, Mickey now makes himself very comfortable there. Debra and Paul often call her Miss Marbles referring to her beautiful green eyes and say that she is Miss Personality Plus and always makes them smile!
Eve and Mickey on the cat tree Mickey and Eve playing Eve laying in her bed at the window. Eve "begging" for treats from dad.