Peggy’s cat had passed away in October and she was now ready to open up her heart and home to another feline companion. She wanted to adopt a senior that would be able to get along with her 14-year-old cat Joey and 16-year-old dog Terri. Initially she had been interested in Boddah, but someone else had already filled out an application on him, so Peggy decided to take the next oldest senior, a 12-year-old Tortie named Emily. Emily had never really warmed up to anyone in the cat room, possibly due to her medical problem of Entropion which causes a painful irritation of the surface of the eye. After Emily’s eye surgery was completed and her medication was finished, she went home to live with Peggy and her husband and her life has completely turned around. Peggy, a very active and experienced volunteer at Satchel’s, decided to take the week off to ensure everything went well with the three siblings, yet Emmy managed to transition to her new home and siblings very easily. Peggy says she is a completely different cat now that she has her very own home. She is very sweet and cuddly and loves snuggling in Peggy’s lap which she shares with Terri, her canine brother. Emmy enjoys sunning on the lanai, assisting Peggy with her sewing and computer work, watching Dad while he reads the paper and sharing the window seat with her feline brother, Joey. Another perfect match for a precious senior kitty!
Emmy with dad. Emmy on a bed beside her new sibling Joey. Emmy on her bed. Emmy on the sewing machine counter looking at the camera.