Indy is almost solid black except for a small white patch on her chest and on her lower belly with some random white hairs on her body. This sweet, petite girl is as soft as cashmere! She loves to sit on your lap and have her belly rubbed, purring up a storm! And will thank you with lots of kisses! For such a little girl she has a big motor! She’s a bit calmer then her siblings and sometimes hangs back when everyone gets a little to rowdy. But don’t let that fool you, she loves to chase, wrestle with her siblings and get her zoomies in!
For an appointment to meet 8 week old Indy or any of her siblings, please submit the adoption application (no commitment) found on our website,, and an adoption counselor will be in touch.
Indy layiing on the rug looking up at the camera. Iny laying in a toy. Indy laying on a blanket. Indy sitting on a rug with a toy.