Madeline’s 13-year-old dog had passed in June and she had begun searching on social media for a new companion who would be compatible with her three cats. She had searched on many websites but was not able to get any definitive answers regarding cat friendly dogs. She learned of Satchel’s when she saw a Satchel’s sticker on her friend’s car and looked at a few photos on our website. The first dog that she went to meet turned out to have a previous application and it was suggested she meet CK. Because of CK’s high prey drive towards chickens, they were not sure she would do well with cats, but CK successfully passed that test. Now known as Pippa, she is living a very happy life with Madeline and three feline siblings, Sinclair, Hershey and Peanut. Pippa plays with all of them, but Sinclair in particular adores Pippa and Pippa loves to groom her head while Sinclair returns the favor. Pippa loves to go to the dog park, plays nicely and is very friendly with all of the people that she meets. Pippa was very fortunate to have found her way to Satchel’s where she was given a second chance and will live out the life she deserves with her wonderful family.
Pippa laying on the couch with her feline sister. Pippa on her doggie bed. Pippa rolling in the grass. Pippa laing on the couch