Satchel’s would love to help this handsome 1-2 year old boy but we don’t have room at the shelter. We’re looking for a foster family to open up their hearts and home to this dude. He is currently living with 2 other dogs and 2 children. Living arrangements are tight due to a necessary down sizing and the family is hoping Odin will be able to find a better living situation.
Are you willing to foster Odin until we find him a forever home? Satchel’s provides you with everthing you need. We just ask that you help us find a forever home by bringing him to some of our off-site events and providing pictures and information of him in the home. For more information on our foster program and/or to submit a foster application, please visit…/volunteer/foster-family/
Odin laying on the floor, another dog in the background. Odin sitting tall, looking at the camera. Odin standing