Leela and her boyfriend had recently moved in together and she was feeling the need for a feline buddy especially during the times her boyfriend was at work. She wanted to adopt an older cat as she knew that they often have a harder time finding a home and realized the care would be less work than having a kitten. She had heard of Satchel’s through Instagram; had come in to meet a few cats and ultimately choose Brittle as he wanted her attention immediately. Although he was a little sassy at first, she couldn’t stop thinking about him and by the next day she was ready to adopt. Now known as Pippin, after her favorite Lord of the Rings character, he is Leela’s first pet of her own as an adult and since the adoption she has gotten very used to being a cat mom! He has lots of toys and loves to cuddle in her lap while she crochets and watches movies. He is quick to greet Leela when she arrives home and adores sleeping at the bottom of the bed throughout the night. Pippin has brought Leela and her boyfriend lots of joy and he is getting plenty of love in his new home. Leela says that owning a cat has made her more responsible and overall a better person and she is pretty sure that she has given Pippin the life he’s always dreamed of!
Brittle sitting on the floor looking at the camera. Brittle sitting on mom's lap. Brittle laid on the couch. Brittle laid on a bed on the floor lookong at the camera.