Marilyn became acquainted with the Bull Terrier breed about ten years ago when she met Lucy, her son’s rescue Bull Terrier. She spent time getting to know Lucy and loved her temperament. Since that time, he adopted another Bull Terrier, Rocky, and Marilyn told her son that if he ever came across a Bull Terrier for adoption, to let her know. Fast forward to this summer when Marilyn’s granddaughter saw Blanca on Satchel’s website and immediately told her mother to send the photo to her grandmother. Marilyn and Dave fell in love when they met her and Blanca is now enjoying life in her forever home. Marilyn said that they were so thrilled to have been chosen to be Blanca’s family and she calls her Blanca Anne, in honor of Michal Anne, the shelter director. Blanca is doing great with her three canine siblings, Doc, Gracie and Wiggles and one feline sibling. Blanca and Wiggles are great play buddies and also love to take their beauty naps together. Blanca’s medical issues are a thing of the past and she is thriving with her new family. When it’s time for bed, Blanca is very happy to cuddle up to Marilyn on the Tempur-Pedic bed and by morning Marilyn awakens to find Blanca “glued” to her side, while Marilyn is close to the edge of the bed. Marilyn says she feels that a little “doggie angel” floated down to give her Blanca and that she is the luckiest person to have adopted precious Blanca!
Blanca on her back in a chair. Blanca laid sideways sleeping on a chair. Blanca sleeping in one chair, Wiggle sleeping in the chair bedside.