Satchel’s Giving Day celebrates the birthday of Satchel, the dog, whose love for life was inspirational. He especially loved everything about water – swimming and playing in it, how dirty he could get rolling in the dirt or sand afterwards and how divine he would smell if he could find and roll in a dead fish!
This year, for Satchel’s Giving Day we’re acknowledging dogs’ love of water and raising money to bring water features to our big, new play yard and to future play yards on our back seven acres. Temperatures seem to be getting hotter every year and having water sprouts and splash pools for our dogs to cool off is a great way to help them continue to be active and have fun despite the Florida heat. We’re going to pass on the dead fish!
The shelter environment can be stressful to many cats, especially if coming from an outdoor lifestyle. Cats that fail to adapt are at a much greater risk of developing health issues. One of the projects we are planning at Satchel’s is an outdoor cat area. This area would give previously outdoor cats entering the shelter environment, a chance to decompress and adjust more gradually to their new temporary home. The outdoor areas also can provide more opportunities for exercise, mental stimulation, and a safe way to receive natural light and air.
It is a requirement that cats adopted from our shelter are strictly indoor members of the family, however, we do understand that a lack of human socialization can sometimes make this unrealistic with certain cats. We also hope that the outdoor cat area can also provide cats with certain backgrounds, the opportunity to be adopted through our working cat program. We hope that this program will save some feral cats that are unable to go back to where they were originally taken and give them a purpose and a person to care for them.
Join us for our Satchel’s Giving Day Birthday celebration at Big Top Brewing Company on Saturday, September 3rd from 6-10pm. There is no charge to participate but wristbands will be available for $5.00 for discounted beer – proceeds go to Satchel’s. It will be the party celebration of the summer!
In addition to Raffle prizes, there will be fantastic music with the Kara Nally Band, Screaming Goat Taqueria will be offering a Satchel’s platter and Rita’s Ice-Custard Happiness and Suncoast Cookies featuring their special Satcheldoodle Dandy Cookie will be adding sweet touches to the night.
Grab a few friends and enjoy a fun night out while supporting Satchel’s. A win win evening!
Flyer with details.