Happy Landings for Bailey!

Charmaine has been active in the rescue world for many years; has fostered many dogs and cats and also adopted. Her senior dog had passed about a year ago and she was now ready to adopt again. She saw Bailey’s photo on social media and had filled out the application only to discover that there were people on the wait list for Bailey already. But as often happens, Charmaine was the ideal match for Bailey and she is now loving life with her new Mom. Anna, Bailey’s feline sibling is taking her time getting to know Bailey, but slowly getting more confident and closer to Bailey as she realizes Bailey is harmless and might be fun to hang out with. Charmaine says that Bailey loves music, car rides, meeting Mom’s friends and especially snuggling with Mom whenever she can. She is also successfully crate trained for those times when Charmaine has to be out of the house. Charmaine says that Bailey could not be more perfect for her and adores her precious new companion!
Bailely laid on a bed in her crate, looking at the camera. Bailey laid down, looking at the camera, with a toy by her paws.