Celebrate Satchel’s birthday and raise funds for the ongoing medical care we provide for all Satchel’s dogs and cats!
Who doesn’t love birthday vacations? Now, with a $50 donation, you can take an armchair vacation with one of your favorite Satchel’s dogs or cats to celebrate Satchel’s birthday!
Here’s how our armchair vacation works.
1. Give a $50 birthday donation to our medical fund and pick a Satchel’s dog or cat. Donate at…/satchels-last-resort/ and indicate your pet of choice in the “Notes” section. Most of our dogs and cats can be viewed at

2. Then, pick one of the following 10 exotic locations for your armchair vacation:

Paris, the capital of France, exudes timeless elegance with its iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum, while its charming streets, vibrant culture, and delectable cuisine captivate visitors from around the globe.
New York City, often hailed as the “Big Apple,” is a bustling metropolis that never sleeps, boasting an electrifying energy, iconic skyscrapers like the Empire State Building, and a melting pot of cultures that make it a truly unique global hub.
Sydney, the vibrant capital of New South Wales, Australia, is a stunning coastal city known for its iconic Sydney Opera House and the impressive Sydney Harbour Bridge, which frame the sparkling waters of the harbor.
Tokyo, the bustling capital of Japan, is a mesmerizing blend of ancient traditions and futuristic innovation, where historic temples and shrines coexist harmoniously with towering skyscrapers and high-tech gadgets.
Rio de Janeiro, nestled between lush mountains and the azure Atlantic Ocean, is a captivating Brazilian city known for its vibrant Carnival celebrations, samba rhythms, and iconic landmarks like the Christ the Redeemer statue atop Corcovado Mountain.
Venice, a timeless jewel of Italy, is a city unlike any other, where enchanting canals replace roads and gondolas glide beneath picturesque bridges, showcasing a mesmerizing blend of historic architecture and artistic masterpieces.significance continue to captivate visitors from around the world.
Cape Town, situated at the southern tip of South Africa, is a city of extraordinary beauty, where the majestic Table Mountain overlooks the vibrant metropolis and the sparkling waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
London, the historic capital of the United Kingdom, is a captivating blend of ancient heritage and modern dynamism, where iconic landmarks like the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace stand in harmony with bustling markets, cutting-edge museums, and a thriving arts scene.
Dubai, a dazzling city in the United Arab Emirates, is a testament to ambitious architectural innovation, with its impressive skyline adorned by iconic structures such as the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.
Bangkok, the bustling capital of Thailand, is a vibrant metropolis where ancient temples, modern skyscrapers, and lively markets coexist harmoniously, offering visitors a captivating blend of rich cultural heritage and dynamic urban life.
Your Satchel’s armchair travel buddy will be front and center on a picture from your chosen vacation spot as if you took the picture yourself!
All vacation dogs’ kennels and the walls of the open cat room will be decorated with destination passports and little suitcases.
Starting September 1st, we will feature two new “vacation” pictures every day on Satchel’s main FB page and on our website.
Each picture will have the donor’s name, the dog’s or cat’s name and where they “are” in the picture.
When we celebrate Satchel’s birthday on September 9th with our big party at Big Top Brewery, everyone’s armchair vacation pictures will be featured on the big screen!Peppy in London. Peppy in her kennel decorated with passport, sunglasses and suitcase.