A few days ago, I posted our Rumor adoption, after almost 6 years at Satchel’s! Some people wonder how a dog adjusts to home life after being in a shelter all that time. Well, here’s what Rumor had to say yesterday and if that’s not enough, the pictures tell their own story.
Hi Satchels Fam! Today is my official one week of being home! 😍 here’s a little update:
I LOVE car rides. I mean LOVE them. I fully expect my humans to take me on at LEAST two a day. I love my new lamb and rice formula. My mom adds a little broth in with it and I lick every bowl clean. She always sits next to me while I eat also and that encourages me to finish. I have put on 2 pounds. I also have a mini human. He’s pretty cool. He likes to pet me and then I give him kisses all over. I have several dog beds but my favorite place at night is in the big bed with mom. I love to play catch-I also jump pretty high. I love long walks in our neighborhood and going to work with my mom. I miss you all but I kinda like it here! 🐾🐾