RIP Sweet Kane. You’ll forever be loved.

It is with great sadness this morning that we let you all know we said goodbye to Kane yesterday.
Kane and his sister Kalae came to Satchel’s over 10 years ago. They were young feral dogs and surely would have been euthanized at another shelter. We believe all dogs and cats deserve a chance to live a happy, safe and loved life and Kane had that in spades at Satchel’s. Kane learned to walk on leash along Coash Road and run with volunteers in the play yard all while happily taking treats from the human hand that he had once feared. His most favorite thing to do was his car rides with his best girl, Amelia. Although not thrilled with Kris’s semi-annual grooming event, Kane learned to sit quietly for his bath and shave.
Recently Kane has been slowing down and this week he seemed in some discomfort. Yesterday he let us know he needed help. Tests showed lung cancer and end of life kidney disease. He was asking for help to cross the rainbow bridge. At 5:15, surrounded by some of his human friends from Satchel’s, he peacefully took his last breath. Thank you to all the staff and volunteers who spent time with Kane showing him love every day. RIP in peace my special friend. You will always be loved by all who knew you at Satchel’s.
Here’s a tribute from our Animal Care Supervisor, Lacie.
“One of our most gentle souls has made their way across the rainbow bridge. It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to our old friend, Kane. Shy and unsure of most things, Kane took quite some time to warm up to people. With his sister Kalae by his side, the two helped each other face the difficulties of the world one step at a time, with big brother leading the way. Over time and with a bit of confidence, Kane became more social, taking treats from volunteers, getting closer to those spending time in the yards with him, and falling in love with cars rides. He won the hearts of many here at Satchel’s, with small quirks like drinking the leak from the hose spicket, rolling around in the grass, expressions that let you know exactly how he felt, and how no matter how frightened, he always showed kindness. We will miss our friend dearly, and we have been blessed to know such an interesting and precious soul. We love you Kane, with all our heart.”
Kane sitting in the back seat of Amelia's vehicle. Kane taking a treat from a volunteer's hand. Kane taking a bath. Kane with a cone on after surgery, being fed a treat from a volunteer.