June was at the Phillippi Creek Farmers Market on a day when Satchel’s was holding an event. She learned about the great things Satchel’s does for their rescued animals and also how they are actively involved in the community. She signed up to volunteer with socializing the cats and met Milo in the cat room on her first day. June fell in love with Milo and having a senior cat at home, she felt that Milo’s mellow temperament would be perfect for Abby. Milo, now known as Teddy, is loving his new life in his forever home and he and Abby are getting along fine. Teddy has plenty of “hobbies” according to June. She has numerous bird feeders and bird baths directly outside of the lanai, where Teddy loves to chill out and observe the abundant wildlife activity. June also has a hanging prism which reflects multiple colors when the light hits it and Teddy adores “catching the rainbows.” Teddy is a very happy boy and lucky that June happened to be at Phillippi Creek that day!
Milo (now Teddy) and Abby.. Teddy looking out of the window. Milo laid on the desk with the papers..