Another happy kitty living in the perfect home! Here’s a 1-year Gotcha Day anniversary update from Eve’s family.
“Little Eve has lived with us for a whole year. We brought her home to keep Mickey company, and she made him a much happier cat until he left us a few months ago. She got along with him just fine but loves being the staff’s only cat, the center of attention, and the recipient of all the spoiling! Her Highness has her own dinnerware which includes stemmed dessert bowls, a tiny Limoges dish for lunches, and her very own little mug after being caught on more than one occasion drinking out of ours.
After some ups and downs with litterbox and meds issues, she’s stable and thriving. Thanks to her problems, we reconnected with the cats only vet who saw our first cats back in the 80s. She’s a big hit in the vet’s office. They love black cats, she’s a sweetheart, and she’s very good about letting them trim the claws on her 24 toes!
The house is her castle, and she’s getting a new cat tree for her adoption birthday. Thank you, Satchel’s, for this giving this best ever little cat a home till we met.
Debra and Paul”
Eve sitting on a stool. Eve drinking out of a cup.